My Story

Lisa About photo2Hi! I’m Lisa Hughes your Sacred Sensuality Coach.

I have worked in the field of women’s wellbeing, human potential and personal development for over thirty years. I founded an award winning business dedicated to women’s sensual wellbeing and am the creator of the International Award winning Be Be Vibrator.

After many years travelling around Australia, educating and helping women to embrace their sexuality and sensuality, out of nowhere my life drastically changed, it was in 2011: I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

After surgery, when I began the healing process I came to see my illness as a gift. I saw it as a representation of how I was not speaking my truth. I chose to ignore my inner goddess and listen to my inner critic. I was too busy worrying about what I thought people would think of me and seeking approval. Although, I was a caring, loving and thoughtful (most of the time!) as a mother, lover and daughter I realised that I lacked any freedom or courage to express myself.

My illness made me realise I had to journey into my inner world and find the courage to live from my truth and not what society, friends or convention dictated. I decided to continue my studies and became a relationship counsellor. I continued to nurture my body, my mind and my spirit. I learnt that our body and our mind are interdependent, everything that we think and feel has a physical impact on our bodies.

I yearned to know why women felt a sense of disconnection with their body. With societal pressures on women to be and behave in a certain way and the stereotypical sexualisation of the feminine, that all impacted on how we relate to ourselves. I discovered that the powerful neural connection that exists between our brain and our body and in particular our yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina). This sacred pleasure centre of our body is hardwired into our central nervous system and is the gateway to helping us reclaim her, our goddess within.

The relationship with our yoni has a profound impact on how we act, feel and behave. Latest research is proving that the impact of trauma, both emotional and physical, can be stored throughout our body but particularly in our yoni. Our relationship with our sensuality is a fundamental part of the awakening of our spiritual, intellectual and emotional powers.

We are a walking, talking, feeling ecosystem that is constantly responding to the thoughts and beliefs that we have. These thoughts and beliefs create responses within our bodies that release a whole suite of hormones and chemicals that affect our mood, our motivation, our desire, our happiness and our wellbeing.

I put the pieces together and tapped into my feminine potential on a whole new unshakable level. My years of experience, studying ancient sacred wisdom and listening to thousands of women, led me to discover what was lost, neglected and missing between our sacred feminine power and why women were feeling switched off in their mind, body and spirit.

Over the years, I have had many mentors and teachers who have helped me on my journey. By applying these teachings I have created a deeper intimacy and connection in my relationship of twenty-six years, my self-belief, how to follow my dreams and desires, my sacred relationship with my body, I have attracted more abundance, love, joy  passion and adventures in my life in a way I never knew or believed possible.

I want every woman to tap into this power, no matter what stage of life. Being a role model and teacher for my two teenage daughters, I know that having the right information is crucial as we navigate the world of the internet, social media, relationships, self-worth, body image, sexuality and confidence in pursuing our dreams.

I am so grateful to be of service to you, through my coaching, events and speaking. It is my honour beautiful woman, to serve and support you in  your journey to awakening to your truth, sensuality and inner goddess.

Love Lisa


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