Welcome to the pleasure revolution

Hello Goddess, you are ready now, that’s why you’re here; to get turned on and live the greatest life possible. You are at a stage in life where you have done the things you were ‘meant to do’—whether that’s forging a career, being a mother, a carer, a wife, partner or whatever it may be, but something more lies within you. You are in the right place.

I have met too many women feeling switched off, bewildered, stressed by daily living and completely out of alignment with what gives them joy, a sense of fulfillment and pleasure. 

Many women are searching for more, uncertain about relationships, their purpose and feeling numbed in their mind body and spirit.

Well beautiful, I’m here to tell you, destiny has called you. It is time to listen. Destiny is calling you to step into your true feminine power where you will get turned on in your life, now.

I help women like you, connect to their feminine power and desires—not societies or anyone else’s—and help to integrate the mind, body and spirit, in a way they never thought possible. 

When you are turned on as a woman, your way of life changes, you will experience more love, pleasure, fulfilment, deeper connections, real intimacy and an inner and outer confidence that you will not find through any diet, dress, partner or job. 

Connecting to our feminine power is the New Evolution for Women.

I offer coaching, free resources and events for women, where we unite as one, reclaiming our feminine power and pleasure.

Love Lisa 


“My mission is to free women from their conditioning, so they can confidently express their inner truth and desires, either emotionally, sensually or physically so they can live a life of pleasure and purpose to impact generations to come” — Lisa Hughes




and experience more pleasure


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